Woven bag

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polypropylene, polyethylene

Plastic woven bag is an economical versatile container for packaging food or industrial products. The scope of this type of packaging material is not limited. Bags made of polyethylene are characterized by high strength, wear resistance and low cost. Dimensions can be adjusted in accordance with individual parameters.

Areas of usage:

Bags for the food industry - bags for flour, salt, sugar, beans, rice, cereals, pasta.

Bags for agriculture - bags for compound feed, grain, bags for animal feed, compost.

Bags for the chemical industry - fertilizer bags, plant protection products, soda, granular polymers, hazardous materials, powders

Bags for the construction industry - bags for expanded clay, sand, dry building mixtures, cement, glue, chalk, gypsum, lime.

Bags for packing non-food goods for consumers- pellets, coal.